Overpants you’ll love because they work

These are Held’s Cloudburst Overpants. As the name implies, you put them on over your pants when there is a cloudburst.

But you can use them even if it’s just raining a little bit.

For these pants to be a success, several things need to happen. You can probably guess what they are.

The Germans, who have taken all the guessing out of everything, have already done this for you.

This is why Held’s Cloudburst Overpants are really outstanding. They ain’t cheap, but then neither is your comfort and well-being.

They are made from long-lasting PU-coated nylon fabric, and come with a reinforced double layer on the inside leg, and an anti-slip patch on the seat – so no matter how hard it’s raining, you won’t slip off and fall onto the road.

Putting them on in a hurry is easy thanks to Held’s unique clipping system, which allows you to clip the leg to the waistband. So even with boots on, this feature and the long side-zips make getting them on simple and quick.

They also come with a detachable stirrup to keep them from riding up your leg – great for cruiser riders with their feet forward ergos.

They also come in sizes up to 7XL, so don’t worry too much about that diet just yet. And they come in only one appropriate colour, and that is black.
PRICE: $145.00

You can get them from www.heldaustralia.com.au/shop/, or a few selected outlets in the eastern states.

By Boris Mihailovic

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