1 Why was the National Motorcycle Alliance started?

The Alliance is designed to represent all of the people who make up the motorcycling community. There are other organisations within motorcycling, but they generally are individual clubs, or groups that represent a number of clubs.

The Alliance is for all of us, from all walks of life, who have motorcycling in common. It doesn’t matter whether you are an individual, part of a club, ride mainly on tar or dirt, are the owner of a small bike workshop or are a huge dealer or distributor, or just someone who works in the trade, The Alliance is working towards a stronger recognition of our way of life and our livelihoods. As the motorcycling community grows and its diversity increases, it becomes more important that The Alliance is there to represent the interests of all of us, and ensure that we are respected by regulators and treated with fairness.

2 So how does The Alliance achieve its goals?

Our first priority is to provide services to all of our members in an effort to make their lives easier, more enjoyable, and less expensive. The first example of this is our National Roadside Assistance Service, which at a cost of only $50 per year, is the cheapest possible peace of mind a motorcyclist can have. Compare the price to what car owners pay for equivalent road service memberships and you will see how committed we are to providing great services and even better cost savings. For our business and club members, we provide cheap insurance for their events so they can continue to run them without being buried under red tape and costs.

We aim to bring all facets of the industry, and the motorcyclists who make up their customers, together to help them communicate and achieve goals together that could never be achieved alone.

3 What about political lobbying?

The Alliance has played a major role in a number of political activities on behalf of motorcyclists, most recently the 2012 Greenslip price reductions and the February 2013 Legalised Lane Filtering Trial in Sydney. We are involved in the information gathering and review for that trial and will continue to work with The Minister for Roads and Ports, The Hon. Duncan Gay, MLC, to hopefully have the results of the trial translate into legislation to legalise filtering Statewide.

We are also working with the State Government and other stakeholders with regards to other issues such as recreational registration for trail bikes, CTP insurance costs, road safety issues and generally encouraging government to look favourably on motorcycling as a worthwhile and efficient mode of transport.

We aim to achieve these goals by working with government and government bodies rather than against them, and on that count we are fortunate that the broadness and commitment of our membership base and our positive approach on previous issues has meant we are now seen by those in positions of power as a representative body that they can consult with regards to motorcycling issues when they are confronted with decisions that affect us.

To put it bluntly, we prefer to influence the decisions before they are made, rather than fight them afterwards. Motorcycle lobby groups have rarely had any success getting laws changed after they are made and we have no intention of following that well-trodden and largely unsuccessful path. We have excellent relationships with the RMS and the Centre For Road Safety who are the primary influencers of Government decision making, so we work with them to hopefully achieve good government decisions for motorcyclists.

Our work in the political sphere is not our main purpose though. Our main purpose is to provide relevant services to all of our members at great prices. We will do what we can in the political arena when the need arises, but The Alliance is NOT a political activist organisation. We are a member services organisation.

4 Will you remind me when my membership renewal is due?

Yes, we’ll send you a renewal notice. And because you’re probably too busy riding and having fun to be bothered with paperwork, we’ll probably ring and remind you too!

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