Are you a man-sized man?

Are you a big boy? Like, a really big boy? With massive shoulders, a gorilla chest, and abs that thrust proudly forward like the prow of a mighty ship, but look a bit like swollen beach-ball?

Do people look at you and go: “That’s a big bloke. I must buy him many beers so he doesn’t eat me!”?

If you are, then you probably struggle finding stuff that fits you. Especially something important like a rain-jacket to put over your riding gear.

And it is a struggle. It’s not your fault genetics have made you look like a man who wrestles bears for a living. Sure, you might have had a bit to do with that belly, but on general principles, you’re big because your parents had the genes that made you big. And there was maybe some beer involved.

But it is the cross you have to bear, big fella.
No-one is judging here.
Least of all the German champions at Held. And Germany has its fair share of big blokes, so they consider this when they’re making motorcycle clothing.

This is where the Mistral II comes in. It’s nylon lined with polyester, so it will keep you dry. It’s German, so it works and it lasts.
And, crucially, it is available in sizes from 5XL up to 10XL, so you can be as big as two lesser men, and still stay dry on your bike.

Price: $135.00

You can get it from, and a few selected east coast outlets.

By Boris Mihailovic

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