Cool your goodies

Once again, Andy from Andy Strapz is at the cutting edge of greatness. I’ve been a fan of his and the products he produces for ages, and this time around, it’s like he’s in my head with the Panniersky insulated bag.

I’m not sure if there is some Polish influence in the name, but it doesn’t matter. It’s an Andy Strapz product so it will do exactly as it says on the box.

In this instance it will keep your liquids cold. Or your prosciutto. Or your Stilton cheese. Or the fox pelt you’ve acquired skinning road kill.

It’s a double insulated, five-litre bag, made from high density foam (75PE if you must know) and efficient Dacron insulation wadding, which is encased in a zippered, 1000-denier nylon bag.

So go to the pub, buy your coldies, get some ice, chuck it all in the Panniersky and be THAT bloke who has cold beer at the end of the ride.
You can also be THAT bloke with the dead animal skin in your Panniersky, but you’ll be alone with that, I’m thinking.
It will fit inside most panniers and saddlebags.



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By Boris Mihailovic

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