I guess you can march in them if you want


The advent of short boots into my fashion arsenal has been most welcome. After years of clumping around like a Clydesdale in high boots because the only other option was sneakers, short boots have brought the hunting leopard back to my gait.

The Soldier Evos are an excellent alternative to full-on boots when you don’t really want or need full-on boots – like when you have some serious walking to do, but are riding to where that walking has to start. Like to a racetrack to watch racing. Or when you’re taking your best girl shopping. Or running through the bush hoping the Highway Patrol doesn’t call the Dog Squad.

So what I want in short boot is pretty much all here.

Firstly, they are sexy as. That’s important. I don’t have to tell you why, do I?

So that’s sorted.

The rest is pretty good too.

They are waterproof and breathable – but please realise that only gumboots are truly waterproof. These are pretty good, but water is still going to run down into them.

The gear-selection area of the boot is reinforced, and they are transversely rigid in construction to mitigate lateral crushing.
I very much like the loop at the back you can hook your fingers under which greatly assists pulling them on, and they have this neat fastening system. Turn it clockwise to secure the integral lacing, or turn it he other way to loosen the lacing. And don’t hate on lacing. It offers a snugger fit and that’s a good thing.

The system is a bit awkward to use when you’re wearing gloves, so maybe don’t wear gloves when you’re putting them on.

They are very soft at the front – the tongue is long and padded, and they have an added Velcro strap that secures them at the ankle. The interior is anti-bacterial (great thing, that), and the sole is non-slip, so Moon walking on the dance floor is not a thing for you with these on.

They feel quite rigid and well-made, so they should last a while. The lace, which doesn’t dangle and is integral to the boot, looks to be some kind of paracord nylon, so it’s not going to give up any time soon.

They are very comfortable, and the cut-away at the back is clever, allowing you lots of ankle action. I have experienced no pressure on my jutting foot bits, but I have normal feet. If yours are big and wide and sporting corns and carbuncles you have my sympathy.

I like them because they’re kind of dashing with the red accents and reflective bits, and I can wear them all day without grimacing in pain after a walk. They work fine on everything from sportsbikes to cruisers – but that ankle scallop at the back make them especially good for feet-forward riding.

I have no idea why Ixon calls them Soldier Evos. I should probably call someone and ask, but I can only swear in French so it will be a quick phone call.


By Boris Mihailovic

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