OXFORD M2R 2-LITRE TANK BAG – For your essentials

Little tankbags have long been the answer to unsightly wallet bulges in your jeans. They’re also a much better place to carry your keys than your jeans pocket or your jacket pocket. Crash with a big bunch of keys in either of those places and you can send me exciting Emails from hospital telling me how right I was about this.

So nifty little Oxford tank bags then.








This one is a two-litre magnetic jobby and fits quite well on the Triumph Speedmaster I am squiring around at the moment.

Let me quickly explain this is a magnetic tankbag and so it won’t work on carbon fibre, aluminium or plastic tanks, OK? Because someone will ask.

You’ll get your SatNav into the designated pocket (but it won’t fit your phone), with a clever sun shield to cut back the glare, and a dedicated electrical port for the charging cable. There’s also a pocket for your keys, and you can get in some wet weather gear, a tyre repair kit, a sandwich and maybe a bottle of water.

All the zippers are quality and come with tags so they’re easy to use with gloved hands.It’s relatively impervious to a bit of water, but it’s not going to keep your stuff dry in a deluge. So don’t put stuff that needs to be kept dry in there if it rains unless you first put in a waterproof bag.

Come on, I don’t have to chew your food for you, do I?

I have used Oxford gear for many years. It lasts for ages and works until it dies of old age or you kill it in an accident.

The luggage is always decent, quality kit that won’t send you into poverty.

It’s got a carry handle and it will look very much like a sexy handbag when it’s off the bike and you’re walking around with it. I can carry this off because I have tattoos. You may need to get some.

PRICE: $69.95

Got to www.ficeda.com.au for your nearest distributor

Words by Boris Mihailovic

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