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While you may never own a pair of custom-made Alpine Stars MotoGP race gloves, you can own the next best thing – the GP Pus R2s. That way, even if you’re filled with terror at the thought of entering a decreasing-radius bend at twice the speed of sound with your back wheel Marquezing off the road like a bouncing beach ball, you’ll still look the part. Ask me how I know this.

This year’s iteration of its popular GP Plus has seen Alpine Stars make a few cool updates. The gloves’ multiple-layer-construction and new ergonomic shaping combine to offer you excellent feel, protection and comfort.

So what’s going on here?
Quite a bit. First, there’s Alpine Stars patented finger-bridge between your pinky and your ring finger. This leather webbing is meant to prevent your fingers going in separate directions and the seams bursting in case of an oopsie.

The glove is fully perforated on both sides and there are little finger vents as well – because you will sweat when the pace is fast.

You also have reinforced leather on the palm and the outside of your hand, because that’s normally the first impact zone. The entire glove is lined with Aramid fibre, which also wraps the little finger in its protective love.

The glove offers great feel and verifiable comfort – this is good for a new glove you’ve not had time to wear in – and this is helped by stretchy leather ‘accordions’ on the fingers and a clever stretch panel where the thumb joins the hand. Someone has given this some thought, I reckon.

The palm-pad panel is also combined with the whole palm-thumb-little finger panel for maximum protection there.

This is a serious glove, no mistake. Race gloves usually have a double-closure Velcro set-up on the cuff to keep them in place, as well as a Velcro wrist strap – and these are no exception. They will stay on – unless your whole arm comes off…but then they’ll probably stay on then, too.

I’ve used them a fair bit as the weather warms up, and I cannot complain, apart from the fact it takes a bit of extra time to pull them on and off because they secure to your hands so well. So I start getting dressed a minute before my mates start putting on their gardening gloves and mule-ropers. No biggie.

I’m also a bit of a brand-bitch, so I don’t mind rocking Alpine Stars – it shows the Aldi shoppers I take my motorcycle business seriously.

They are not warm. Just so you know. Even heated grips don’t help since air whooshes into the back of them like mad. So maybe something else for when it’s cold, huh?
But on those hot summer days when the bends are calling, the pipes are singing the song of your people, and the pace is bracingly quick, these will do the trick.

Or you can go racing in them.


RRP: $249.99


WHERE CAN I GET IT FROM? Check the Monza Imports website HERE for your nearest dealer.



By Boris Mihailovic

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