Terms & Conditions


  • 24/7 emergency breakdown anywhere in Australia
  • 2 Free callouts per year (one call out per breakdown) – including towing, if required. Towing is capped at 25km and $250.00 in Metropolitan areas and 50km and $400.00 in Country areas. Please see points 1.21 and 1.22 for location definitions.
  • Assistance with jump starts, minor mechanical repairs, 5L of emergency fuel and lockouts (lockouts capped at $70.00).

1.1 Membership must be paid for and current and you must be able to provide your Membership number to obtain any services or benefits.

1.1.1 New Memberships may take up to 10 business days to become active, the NMA does not offer an instant sign up or renewal service.

1.2 Membership may be registered under the name of an individual, company or an organisation. The Membership will apply to the motorcycle or vehicle, which must be currently road registered and as described in the application.

1.3 All fees paid to the NMA (including administration fees and service fees), are non-refundable.

1.4 Roadside Assistance is provided in the event of an unexpected mechanical breakdown. It does not cover accidents, motorcycle/vehicle maintenance or permanent repairs. Temporary repairs may be made to mobilise the motorcycle/vehicle (where possible). However, regular maintenance or mechanical repairs, major or otherwise, is the Members’ responsibility and will be at the Members’ expense.

1.5 Should you replace your motorcycle/vehicle, your Membership is transferable (conditions apply). Please contact the NMA during business hours, or via email at admin@motorcyclealliance.com.au within 7 Days of changeover occurring. The transfer will become effective 24 hours after notification is received by the NMA. Membership cannot be transferred to another person.

1.6 Any changes to the Registration number or change of address must be reported to the NMA within 7 Days of the change occurring. Service will not be provided if the change has not taken place.

1.7 When requesting Roadside Assistance you must provide the correct motorcycle/vehicle details and the exact location of the motorcycle/vehicle. All services will be at your expense if we are not able to confirm your Membership or locate you based on the information you have given us.

1.8 Roadside Assistance is only available on any sealed or designated road that the service provider deems to be safe.

1.9 There may occasions when a service provider is not available to assist you (remote areas). In these instances you will be required to arrange your own rescue or recovery at your own expense.

1.10 Once a call-out has been provided for a breakdown, any subsequent call-outs arising from the same breakdown will be provided at the Member’s expense, payable at the time of the call-out. Only one call out per breakdown is permitted. This includes the pickup of a motorcycle that has been taken after hours to the Member’s home, a holding yard or other place of safety and subsequently requires further pick up for the same breakdown. **The only exception being, in the case of a vehicle, if a jump start fails, the Member can use their 2nd call out to have the vehicle towed.

1.11 Any charges for batteries, excess towing, emergency fuel, holding yards, toll costs etc. must be paid by the Member to the service provider at the time of service (failure to pay any of these charges will void your Membership and incur any necessary recovery costs).

1.12 In the interests of rider safety, we will not authorise the use of any aerosol tyre repair kits for road motorcycles. Should the motorcycle have a flat tyre, the motorcycle will have to be towed.

1.13 If you are not in attendance with your motorcycle/vehicle when the service provider arrives or you cancel a request for service after dispatch, one call-out will be deducted. Further call-outs related to the same breakdown will be considered a separate call-out.

1.14 We will attempt to transport the Member and any passengers with the motorcycle/vehicle, provided that each person can be legally transported in the tow truck. In the event that we are unable to transport all passengers we will assist in organising alternate transport, such as a taxi at the Member’s expense.

1.15 Service will not be provided to a Member who in our view is abusive, threatening or violent to any NMA staff member or contractor, or who attempts to receive service by deception.

1.16 The NMA is an emergency roadside service only, therefore Roadside Assistance services and/or pick up benefits do not apply for a motorcycle or vehicle that:

a) we deem to be un-roadworthy, or that is unregistered, or has a pre-existing failure or breakdown;

b) is at a repairer;

c) is partly or fully dismantled or on which repairs have been attempted by anyone (including a licensed motorcycle mechanic);

d) where the pickup has not been arranged by us;

e) has been involved in, or suffered damage as a consequence of an accident, flood, theft, fire or malicious damage;

f) which has been modified in ways that in our view increase the possibility of it sustaining damage during pick up, or in ways that make damage-free pick up difficult, unless such modifications are removed prior to pick up. This includes modified or factory released accessories;

g) which has been driven or transported to any licensed repairer;

h) that has been driven against our instruction or the instruction of a licensed repairer;

i) that has been transported to a holding or shipment facility;

j) that has been used in a rally or race.

1.16.1 Additionally, the NMA will not be held responsible or liable in any way for:

k) any parts, labour or other costs related with the repair of a motorcycle;

l) any financial loss or liability, however sustained, occurring from or in any way connected with a breakdown;

m) any freight costs (including sea crossings).

1.17 Transportation and delivery of the covered motorcycle utilising the available resources in the local area, where the breakdown occurred is at the discretion of the service provider. In the event a Member wishes specialised equipment then those costs are to be borne by the Member.

1.18 If a Member makes use of all the service call-outs in a Membership year, you will be required to pay a service fee by credit card at the time of the call for each additional service request. Unused call-outs may not be carried forward.

1.19 If a Member has received and continues to request Roadside Assistance or pick up for a motorcycle repeatedly, for an unjust and excessive number of instances in a year, we may refuse to provide further Roadside Assistance or pick up. We will then offer an alternative service at the Members’ expense – payable upon request of service.

1.20 The NMA does not cover breakdowns caused by conditions that existed prior to the commencement of Membership. Any failure that occurred prior to the commencement of your Membership will be at the Member’s expense and payable at the time the service is provided.

1.21 Metropolitan Areas: are defined by the NMA as areas under the unifying influence of one or more major towns or cities. Metropolitan areas are mainly the area that is not a part of a city but is connected to a major city, town and surrounding suburbs to other neighbouring communities.

1.22 Country Areas: are defined by the NMA as large isolated areas of an open country often with low population density and are not within a 50Km radius of a metropolitan area, repairer or place of safety.

1.23 The National Motorcycle Alliance reserves the right to amend prices and inclusions of policies without prior notice.

Personal member information will only be used in accordance with the objectives of the National Motorcycle Alliance and will not be released to any other parties.

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